Marion teaches Contact Improvisation, Dance Science and Somatics, Contemporary Dance Technique, Dance Appreciation, Composition, Salsa, movement workshops 'Strengthening the Bond' for children and adults.
She has assisted / co-taught courses such as: Foundations of Dance Pedagogy and Improvisation for site-specific locations.

Contact Improv

Encuentro Contact Cuba 2018

Freiburg Contact Festival Germany 2018

TAG (Teaching Artists Group) Philadelphia, 2018

Read more about contact improv in this article published by Marion

Higher Education

Temple University, Dance Department, Fall 2018
Dance Science and Somatics, Improvisation 1, Embodied Craft (composition for graduate students)
Drexel University, Dance Department, Spring 2016
Modern 1 for all students of all majors
University of the Arts, Dance Department, Fall 2015
Performance Improvisation
Rowan University, Department of Theater and Dance, Fall 2014
Elements of Dance (Dance Appreciation) for undergraduate non major students
Temple University, Boyer College of Music and Dance, Philadelphia Fall 2012 - Fall 2015
Modern Dance III- Contemporary Dance Technique for undergraduate and graduate student
Embodied Craft (dance composition for MA students)
Corporeal Improvisation for graduate students Fall 2014
Modern I and Modern II - Contemporary Dance Technique
Corporeal Improvisation: Moving in Partnership, co-teaching with Merián Soto
Foundations of Dance Pedagogy/ Dance education for young dancers- Teaching Assistant for Ellen Gerdes
Training for teaching- Shall We Dance? Narrative in American Film, for undergraduate Gene Ed students

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