Hunts Point Homes



Was a site-specific project, produced by Pepatian and Jane Gabriel, in which the quartet together Marion Ramirez, Jung Woong Kim, Alicia Diaz and Matthew Thornton (Agua Dulce Dance Theater) with visual artist Hatuey Fermin participated in a residency at BAAD! studio (artistic home for Arthur Aviles Typical Theater) in the Bronx, New York on May 19th, 2013. The artists interacted with leaders of the Hunts Point Cultural Community to learn and become aware of the challenges of the community and the inspiring cultural initiatives that are taking place. Through their improvisational practice this group researched together during this residency and created both inside and outside the BAAD! studio a performance of their process.

Ancestry and Spirit: Site Specific Performance in the Hunts Point Homes Residency
By Taja Lindley | June 2013
Through this structured improvisation, the timing of the improvising was incredibly important as cars and trucks, whizzing by from the Bruckner Expressway, made their way down Barretto Street. Dispersion after walking together was not only an aesthetic choice, it was at times necessary for the environment. What does it mean to leave and return – out of choice or necessity? Voluntarily or involuntarily?


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