ENDOLVE: Her Subtle Body



In the making of ENDOLVE: her subtle bodies I explored with the dancers ways of embodying the endocrine glands and the seven chakras in our female bodies. Inspired by our research on their function and qualities matched with our sensations and imagination we created a journey where we could be energy wheels, hormones, ocean, witches, irregular beats, mermaids and root. Once the movement was created the music was composed. Thank you Michael for this collaboration and your interpretation of the work. I am grateful to the dancers for their creative contributions and willingness to approach their dance from within.


Choreographer: Marion Ramírez

Performers: Lindsey Garnhart, Emma Gentile, Lauren Mochnal, Emily Pisano, Tiana Sanders, Elizabeth Siani, Mijkalena Smith

Music composition: Michael Shingo Crawford

Musicians: Camilla Yoder, oboe, Michael Shingo Crawford, violin, Maggy Simon, violin, Jordan Brooks, cello, Hsiao-Han Yang, piano